Atelier for architecture and urbanism

The below are some of our key current general endorsements:


  • Sustainable timber from plantations or individually selected from native forest
  • Hempcrete as superior wall mass and insulation material (loose, blocks or panels)
  • Carbon neutral, regionally produced bricks and terracotta tiles
  • Sheep wool insulation
  • Roman concrete
  • Locally sourced stone foundations, footings, masonry
  • Mudbrick, cob, wattle and daub
  • Low-cement rammed earth
  • Recycled materials

Surface treatments

  • Lime renders, clay renders
  • Genuine natural tung nut oil, danish oil, linseed oil, beeswax
  • Traditional whitewash (lime, salt, water)


  • Electric hot water and heat storage and pumped header tanks acting as PV system energy storage
  • Waste wood/chip cookers, heaters and hot water heaters
  • Passive solar heating balanced with moderate glazing
  • Passive evaporative/natural draft/underfloor/underground draft cooling